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Tel: (33)36634849 Fax: (33) 36450769
Av. Tepeyac No.1031 Int. A, Col. Chapalita Oriente C.P. 45040, Zapopan, Jal. México.
Víctor Aguilar
Assurance of the Strategic Plan, providing effective methods to approach all opportunity areas quickly and efficiently making the company profitable.
Olga Santana
Administration and Control
Ensures balance and harmony, plans, organizes and directs the daily processes of the company achieving profitability and ensuring the same functionality day to day compliance with customers, business partners, employees and external regulations.
Liliana Jiménez
Inside Sales - Technical Support
Ensures that customer requests are met and that supplies meet the specifications and standards with zero errors and achieving total customer satisfaction.
Brenda Castolo
Purchasing and Marketing
Analyze, anticipate and respond to the different needs of customers always with multiple alternatives to meet market trends, ensuring zero errors in supplying customers and carrying Buskoppler philosophy of each of our customers and suppliers.